How to Sell Advertising Space on your WordPress website Directly

You want to sell ad space on WordPress? Our solution gives website owners the opportunity to rent out monthly advertising space. We have developed a plugin that allows website owners to rent out advertising space on WordPress. Here’s how it works.

New Way to Sell Ads on WordPress

This is how to sell ads space on WordPress

This is the process of how potential advertisers can buy an ad space from you using our plugin. Here is how the process to order an advertisement space with our plugin looks like from the customer’s point of view.

After that, an order request will be sent to your WordPress dashboard. You as the website owner can now decide if you want to work with this advertising partner.

sell adspace ordering process

If you want to work with them, you accept the request in the dashboard. The payment of the advertiser will be executed. You as the website admin are responsible for keeping the corresponding link and ad image published on your website.

The advertising partnership remains valid as long as agreed in your Terms of Service. For this, of course, your local advertising laws must be observed and Stripe conditions must be complied with. You can create your own legal texts and link them in the order process. The paying advertiser and the website owner can both manually cancel the monthly payment at any time.

However, as long as you maintain your advertising deal with your client, you can expect regular monthly advertising revenue and as many may know, predictable revenues are almost unknown in the online marketing industry.

Our WordPress plugin solution to sell advertising space directly

All blogs write that if you want to sell ad space, the advertising partners will contact you by email and ask if you can buy ad space. We have tried this but this solution is bad. The probability that you will receive a serious purchase request by email that it will not get stuck in the spam folder is very small. In addition, the direct sale of advertising is relatively complicated to negotiate that it is fair for both parties without the help of an external software.

There has been no solution to buy or sell ad space directly on WordPress until now. There were countless ad networks, but no plugin that allows you to simply rent out an advertisement on your website.

For this reason, we have developed this WordPress plugin.

Now you can easily offer an ad space on your WordPress blog without any ad network. You can simply insert a generated Shortcode somewhere on your WordPress website. Advertisers can simply send you a request to rent your ad space. If you accept the request, you will receive monthly rent and you can upload the customer’s ads. It’s that easy!

advertising requests received in wordpress dashboard

These problems are solved by our plugin

Here are our solutions to people who of WordPress users who want to sell advertising that can be solved by our plugin.

  • Our plugin offers probably the easiest solution to sell advertising all over the internet.
  • With our plugin, you don’t need an advertising network. You only pay our service fee and the Stripe fee. Nothing else is added. Your ads will be sold directly without any middleman.
  • Stop promoting cheap ads. The sale of advertising is a long term source of income for which you can set the price. This gives you full control over your advertising value and lets you decide how much you earn each month from advertisements.
  • You can decide yourself for which products you want to promote. Before each transaction, you will first be sent an advertising request in the WordPress dashboard. There, you can choose which request you want to accept or reject.
  • Small special blogs and guides that can’t promote any suitable affiliate offers (because there may not be any offers) now also have the chance to monetize their blog.
  • You have full control. You receive your payment directly from the advertiser. Furthermore, you decide what you want to promote and you are not financially dependent on any ad network.

Why did we create a plugin to sell monthly advertising?

We have simply seen how much money various influencers earn through monthly advertising deals. In comparison, most blog owners earn little to nothing through advertising. Although these bloggers have a website, which could actually deliver very targeted, highvalue traffic.

This gave us the idea to develop this plugin. We wanted to help all WordPress website owners and bloggers who don’t know how to monetize their content or can’t find suitable affiliate offers. In all these cases this plugin can help. This plugin is for every WordPress user who doesn’t know how to monetize their content.

We find it almost insulting how little some website owners earn with their actually targeted traffic. This plugin should help all WordPress admins to monetize their content with one simple solution. With this WordPress plugin it is possible to monetize every blog. All you have to do is find a buyer for an advertising space on your website and satisfy this advertiser. Your goal should be to build a long-term partnership with your advertiser from which both parties benefit.

How can I sell an advertising space of my WordPress website?

With our plugin this is super easy. Search our plugin in the WordPress plugin directory or download it directly here. Install it on your website and set up a Stripe account for payout. Create a campaign and enter your desired price and post the shortcode on your website. Done, now someone could buy your ad space.

How much does our plugin cost?

Our plugin is free. We are financed by transaction fees. Our service fee is $0.30 + 3.9% and is deducted at the time of the transaction. The transaction is done when the website owner accepts an advertising deal and clicks “accept” in the WordPress dashboard.

What are your tips for finding advertising partners?

High Quality Content: The advertising partner is usually very concerned with the advertising friendliness of your website. High quality and unique content is usually very important for this. This is probably a very determining factor for advertising value.
Website traffic: No one will pay you to advertise if your website has no visitors. Many visitors increase the advertising value and the probability that someone will send you an advertising request. User-friendliness: Website users should be able to easily find their way around your website. This increases attention and ultimately advertising value.

Thanks to all who read this, all who downloaded our plugin and of course especially people who even leave a review for us. We are happy about everyone we could help and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everyone who supports us.

We hope we could help you with our solution.

WpFlamingo Developer Team