Service Fee

We want to be completely transparent with our fees. The sale of adspace with our plugin is a simple, pay-as-you-go. We charge a fixed transaction fee of $0.30 + 3.9% as a service fee per successful card charge.

  • We are 100% Tansparent.
  • No plugin setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.
  • Everything you need to sell ads on WordPress.
  • We want to help users earn more money through monthly adspace sales.

This service fee is uniformly the same in every country and is charged after a successful transaction from the purchase price in addition to the Stripe fees.

Example: A monthly ad is sold for $49.

0.49 × 3.9 = $1.91 + $0.30 = $2.241 (WPflamingo service fee)

Amount after fee: $46.76

0.4676 × 2.9 = $1.35604 + $0.30 = $1.65604 (Stripe fee)

Total amount after all fees: 45.10396 = ~ $45.10

Attention: Our example is not 100% correct as Stripe fees can vary from country to country.

Our pricing is no secret and everyone should always know exactly what they are paying.